Reports & Journals


Reports and Journals

Shelter, 2006, Gypsies and Travellers – housing needs,

Jane Peacock, 1999, Thorney Hill a Study, Hampshire County Council

Jane Peacock, 2000, Sedentary Gypsies study

Jane Peacock, A report for the Black Minority Action Plan

Jane Peacock, 2006, A BMAP report on the Health & Social needs of Gypsies & Travellers in Hampshire.

Jane Peacock, 2007, The Health & Social needs of Gypsies in the New Forest

Jane Peacock, Combined research into the health and social needs of Gypsies and Travellers in Hampshire 2007 – 2009

Jane Peacock et al, 2009, - Community led research into the Health needs of the Gypsy community in Hampshire.

Sarah Cemlyn, 1995, Traveller Children & The Welfare and the State: Welfare or Neglect, Child Abuse Review Vol 4, pp278-290, University of Bristol

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